Jenolan Cave Tours from Katoomba

See the stunning formations of Jenolan Caves on a Jenolan Caves tour from Katoomba that takes you from the renowned Blue Mountains town directly to and from the caves in air-conditioned comfort! The drive to Jenolan Caves is a narrow and challenging one; take the difficulty out of the trek so you can relax and soak in the scenery on the way to the caves - then explore the caves yourself. One of the world's oldest yet well preserved and visually stunning cave systems lies outside the largest city in Australia. Jenolan Caves, located about 160km from Sydney, is an expansive network of limestone caves that are easily Australia's both most popular and accessible. This range of trolley and coach tours will take you to this spectacular cave network that lies deep in a valley on the far side of the Great Dividing Range.

The Jenolan Caves are accessed by passing through one of the most dramatic and impressive stretches of road in all of New South Wales - accentuated by the towering natural entryway of the Grand Arch; the largest open cave in Australia that stands 24m high, 55m wide and 127m long! Choose a tour from the available list below to witness the sheer scope and scale of this natural geographic wonder firsthand.