Jenolan Caves Adventure Caving

The Jenolan Caves are the oldest cave systems in the world located in the wilderness as part of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. The caves have more than 40km of passages - some of which are still being explored.

The caves are open to the public on guided walks and adventure caving tours that showcase several underground rivers and crystal formations. Adventure caving tours introduce visitors to the exciting experience of cave explorations through abseiling, climbing, crawling and squeezing into unique parts of the cave system.

The Plughole Introductory tour is suitable for all ages and fitness and is a very popular tour that is highly recommend for beginners. The Aladdin and Mammoth tour are more advanced and take visitors on a more challenging tour deeper into the depths of the caves on longer tours.

The caves are a great place to spend the day or an entire weekend exploring a beautiful natural attraction so close to the centre of Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Cave adventure tours are an exciting experience that you will never forget.