Flinders Ranges Wilpena Pound Scenic Flights

If you're looking for an even more breathtaking way to discover the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park and garner panoramic views of its incredible formation of Wilpena Pound than by foot, then opt for a scenic flight! These 20-minute and 1-hour flights will take you hundreds of feet above the ruggedly beautiful landscape of this expansive national park, giving you extensive views of the Elder Range, Edeowie Gorge, Lake Torrens, the Heysen Range and St. Mary Peak - and, of course, Wilpena Pound itself.

As one of the most popular escapist destinations in all of Australia, this South Australian region is home to some of the most well-preserved fossils, Aboriginal art sites, as well as extensive creeks, mountain ranges, and wildlife. Choose your preferred length of flight itinerary, and discover all that the national park has to offer from high above, with aerial views that you'll remember for a lifetime!